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Be Careful !!!

Yesterday I was walking along the side of the road nearby my house.  It is not a busy road, and I was casually texting something to my colleagues in between.  Suddenly while I was reading a reply, I felt like something coming towards me. I looked up and found a car just in front of me. I jumped to the side and had a narrow escape.  The lady who was driving the car looked like even had not noticed me.  I found that she was also texting something to someone while driving.  After having this feeling of a sudden shock, I started to think about being more careful as follows.

It is imperative to be careful not to lose what you already have, to improve. Especially your life.!!! There are a hundred ways to improve your health, personality, upon the finances, etc.   But preserving what you have intact is also important.  It is also applicable to knowledge and even relationships.  One small mistake or carelessness can ruin the game.

It is easy for us to blame upon the destiny. But if you observe carefully, definitely there is no uncertainty in life. Everything in nature has a cause.  Nothing happens without any reason. So it is up to us to take care of ourselves, people around as and the nature around us.
I was still walking, and another message popped up on my mobile screen.  But I resisted.  I can wait, till I reach home and get some free time.
Interestingly what I got was the following youtube video.  Please watch it. Do you also have the habit of checking your messages while walking or driving?  You are surely going to stop it after watching this.

I have decided. What about you.. ???
But this is only one part.  There are so many other things we could do together to change our life, our planet, and our thinking style to maintain what we already have, w.r.t to our health, life, environment, knowledge, etc.  More about that later.
Please share what we can do towards this as comments. Let us all learn to live together.
Syamlal Krishnan
Syamlal is working as a consulting member of technical staff at Oracle who believes in continuous learning and sharing of knowledge. He is an aspiring lyricist and speaker, who wants to explore the secrets of life and this universe.

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