Bad Habit Triggers: How to recognize easily? (All you need to know to understand them effectively)

bad habit triggers

Linda, a young stay-at-home mother, spends most of her free time on social media. She takes several selfies daily and uploads the “good” ones to Facebook. Her average number of photo uploads per week is 40. She starts her day checking Facebook for any new likes or comments. Once an avid reader, Linda has not […]

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Better Your Life , A Compilation Of Awesome Quotes : A Remarkable Way to help you to be the best Version of you

better your life

The book “Better Your Life” is a book full of motivational, inspirational and thought-provoking quotes by some of the greatest minds born on this planet.     Have you been through moments in your life where nothing exciting happening in your life? Have you felt depressed because of any setbacks in your life?     […]

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