Life Audit Mini Course

Life Audit: Assess Your Life Areas

Would you like to live your Life FULLY?


That’s Great!


How frequently do you audit your finances?








At least Yearly…




When did you AUDIT YOUR LIFE last time?






To turn your Life into an EPIC Life,


You will have to make CHANGES


Changes to




Your habits


Your Skillset


Your environment


Your friend circles


and so on…


Desired CHANGES can happen only


If you know where you are right now.


That’s why It is important to


AUDIT YOUR LIFE periodically …


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Life Audit is an online Mini-Course using a POWERFUL COACHING TOOL to assess your life.


Join this video online course and Audit Your Life Today itself.


Turn Your Life into an EPIC Life!


When you know where you are right now in your life, you can make MEANINGFUL changes to your life.


When you join this mini online course, you get a video course along with Downloadable WorkBook.


Learn2LiveFully’s Online Mini-courses are less than 25 minutes long. It is created keeping in mind the BUSY life you are having.

Hereafter learning to live fully is not at all Time Consuming!


What are you waiting for?


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Hi! I am Nisha A Sahadevan.


I am the Founder of Learn2LiveFully, Certified Life Coach, Certified Confidence Coach, Certified Law Of Attraction and Allowing Your Success Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner.


I have authored Better Your Life, The 90-Day Extraordinary Life Designer & 30 Days of Gratitude. I am also the creator of the online course "Journaling: A Powerful Personal Transformation Tool"


I also have more than ten years of Software Engineering Experience with Top Multi National Companies like IBM, Infosys & Oracle. I quit my Software Engineering Career to build a more meaningful career around my passion for helping people transform themselves. 


I'm committed to helping people like you learn to live fully...



Ready to audit Your Life and Turn it into an EPIC Life?

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