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Personal Growth Journal

Personal Growth Journal is a Journal filled with prompts and quotes to help you grow in your dream life path













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Personal Growth Journal starts with the section to develop your Vision.


Once, you have your vision, you can set your Life Goals based on your vision.


You have the sections to define your Yearly, Monthly, Weekly goals.


You have a section to do a Monthly review


You also get a Daily journal to help you live a fulfilling life.


This daily journal helps you to journal about your Blessings, Learnings, Joyful moments and Contributions.


Daily Journal is filled with Inspirational quotes.



You'll find in this journal:

A Section filled with Exercises to Develop Your Vision.

  • Breathing Exercise 
  • Identify Your Priorities
  • Identify Your Core Values
  • Develop Your Personal Value Statement
  • Define Your Meaning Of Success
  • Recognize Your Passions
  • Find out Your Strengths
  • Find out Your Desired Habits
  • Find out Your Desired Skills
  • Identify Your Ideal Life
  • Identify Your Ideal Profession
  • Do extra exercises to discover you more.
  • Assess Your Life Areas and identify the weak life areas requiring your attention
  • Develop Your Personal Vision Statement

A Section to set your Life Goals.

  • Assess all your Life Areas using Wheel Of Life Tool
  • Prompts that help you set goals for each of the twelve life areas.
  • Picture Area for each Life Area to help you visualize the fulfillment of your goals
  • Family Segment
  • Love Segment
  • Friendship Segment
  • Career Segment
  • Health Segment
  • Skills Segment
  • Adventures Segment
  • Environment Segment
  • Mind Segment
  • Creativity Segment
  • Community Segment
  • Spirituality Segment

A Section to breakdown your Life Goals into Yearly goals.

  •  Set Yearly Goals for each Life Area
  • Prompts to ensure the Goals are S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable AttainableRelevantTimed)
  • Plan the Actions required to meet the Goals
  • Track Any Habit Changes required  

A Section to set your Monthly Goals.

  • Split Yearly Goals into Monthly Goals
  • Set Goals for all Twelve Months

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    A Section to Review your Monthly Goals.

    • Successfully completed goals
    • Attempted Goals
    • Habit Changes 
    • The highlight of the month
    • What did you enjoy most in the month
    • Set the Goals for Next Month
    • Plan the Actions

    A Section to Track Your Weekly Actions.

    • Track both your actions and habits
    • Your progress on a daily basis
    • Rate Your weekly achievements
    • Difference between your target goal and weekly accomplishment
    • Notice how you progress week after week
    • Set Your Next Weekly goals
    • Plan Your Actions

    Daily Journal

    • Prompts for Appreciation and Gratitude
    • Prompts to write about your Learnings
    • Prompts that remind you to focus on Joyful moments
    • Prompts that help you to shift your focus to the contribution
    • Enhances Your Overall Happiness and lead you to a more fulfilled life

    Inspirational Quotes

    • Quotes from Great Minds throughout the journal
    • Quotes will motivate you to chase your dreams and enjoy journaling


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