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Are You a Professional Working Hard 9 to 5 9 to 9?

Are You Waiting to Retire One day and Live Your dream life? 

Are You a Homemaker doing the Most Difficult Job with no holidays, no salary, no increments, and no bonuses? 

Have You forgotten Your Likes and Passions?


STOP living a life just to satisfy the people around you.

Develop Your Vision, Live the Life You Truly Deserve to Live!

Fast Forward Your Life into Your Dream Life:

Develop Your Vision & Reset Your Life in 30 Days


A 4-week accelerator program that will take you from Visionless state lacking clarity about your future to a state having Clear Vision. 

Are you just floating through your life without any direction or purpose?

Life is just like a Jigsaw Puzzle! Vision is just the picture on your Puzzle Box!

When you know the big picture, you can choose the right pieces based on the priority and fix them where they belong. Your Roadmap to your vision will reveal its own.

Yes. I have goals. But, I give up chasing my goals after some time.


Are you really following your vision or the standards set by people around you? 


Do you set your goals and then after sometime forget about them?


Then, chances are high that the goals set by you are not yours! You might be just following the dreams of people around you.


It is just like you trying to solve a puzzle looking at a picture on a different puzzle box. 


All of us have different life puzzles to solve. You cannot look at your friend 's puzzle box and try to solve your puzzle. 


That's exactly what you do when you just follow your friend and take a college degree or take up a career that your family considers a prestigious career.









No. I am not aware of my Vision.


If you do not have a vision, you are wasting time and energy forcing to fix the pieces where they do not belong in. 


You have to restart the puzzle all over again one day. 


Okay! Resetting your life and taking a new path is fine. What is the guarantee that this time you are going to make it? After all, you have no idea of the puzzle picture you are trying to solve.


Most likely, you are going to get into a never-ending loop of rearranging and fixing the puzzle pieces. 


Are you wasting lots of your time surfing through social networks and watching T.V?


Are you spending lots of time gossiping and chit-chatting instead of focusing on your work? 


Then, chances are that you are not sure of your definite purpose.




Yes. I have goals. I am taking actions to achieve my goals.


Are you really following your Big Life/End Goals or Mediocre/Mean goals?  


You are working hard and have a successful career. But, you are waiting to retire and focus on your passion


You are so focused on building your career and earning money, you have no time for your family, kids or you. You have no time for any of your relationships that really matter the most. 


Many studies suggest that our happiness is directly proportional to how healthy and strong our connections are. 


 If you are not happy while pursuing your goals,  you are probably not following your vision.Then, you are only chasing Mediocre or Mean Goals.










Do You belong to Any of These 3 Categories? 


I have been there chasing Mediocre goals! I have worked hard and built a successful career as a software professional. I worked with Top MNCs like IBM, Infosys, &Oracle.


But, I was not really happy! I thought of retiring one day and just being Me and living a life helping others.


When my calling became so strong, I quit my career. I developed my Vision. Now, I am the founder of Learn2Livefully and live a life following my Vision.   


All of these became a Reality only because of me developing my Vision.

When You Know Your Vision


  • You will have direction and purpose in your life.
  • You will be more confident of your future because you know where you are going.
  • You will know your personal growth needs and you will take actions to fulfill your vision.
  • You will have meaningful goals that will help you achieve your vision.
  • Your vision will drive you toward the accomplishment of your goals.
  • You hardly give up your goals, because you know your goals are going to take you to your destination - your vision.  
  • You will be focused on all the life-areas that matter to you.
  • You will have higher overall life satisfaction.
  • Your goals are meaningful End Goals and journey towards your goals itself is going to bring joy to you.
  • You are not waiting to enjoy after you achieve a certain goal


    A 4-week accelerator program that will take you from Visionless state lacking clarity about your future to a state having Clear Vision.


    •  Identify Your Core Values
    •  Create Your Core Value Statement
    •  Identify Your Priorities
    •  Define Your Meaning of Success
    •  Identify Your Ideal Life
    •  Identify What makes you Overjoyed
    •  Identify Your Non-performing Life Areas
    •  Develop Your Vision using V.I.S.I.O.N Formula



    4 weeks of step-by-step video lessons that will help you develop your vision. 


    The course includes several exercises that will help you know yourself better.


    You will be guided through a breathing meditation for calming your mind before each exercise section.



    At the end of the course, if you follow my instructions and exercises, you will have your written vision statement.  






    Have the support of a Private Community of similar minds while you develop your vision. 


    Connect with fellow students and feel the liveliness of the community while you unravel your vision.


    You will get the opportunity to choose accountability partners in different stages of the development of your vision.


    You can learn from others, what is working (& not working) for them.



    Weekly Goal Setting Ritual keeps you accountable to your commitment to developing your vision.


    You can achieve your goals only if you stay committed and focused on your goals. Developing Your Vision in 30 days is possible only if you follow the video lessons and the exercises as per the course guidelines.


    Weekly goal setting ritual enables you to focus and prioritize your weekly exercises and thus enabling you to develop your vision in 30 days.


    • Downloadable Course Workbook where you can do the exercises.
    • Breathing Meditation 
    • Printable Develop Your Vision Journal
    • Printable 30 Days of Gratitude - A Gratitude Journal
    • Lifetime Access
    • Future Updates
    • And even more extras!

    Here's what you 'll learn:


    WEEK 1

    Module - 0

    • Student Orientation
    • Introduction

    Module - 1

    • The basics of personal growth
    • Why is personal growth important?
    • Maslow’s hierarchy of Human needs.
    • Exercise to find out your current needs
    • Different stages of personal growth
    • Steps to personal growth

    WEEK 2











































    Module - 2

    • How vision is different from dream and goal?
    • Why you should have a vision?
    • V.I.S.I.O.N Formula 

    Module - 3

    • What are Core Values
    • Breathing Meditation
    • Exercises to identify Your Core Values

    Module - 4

    • Review Your Core Values
    • Breathing Meditation
    • Develop Your Core Value Statement

    Module - 5










    • What are Your Priorities?
    • Breathing Meditation
    • Exercise to find out your priorities

    WEEK 3





























    Module - 6

    • What does success mean to You
    • Breathing Meditation
    • Exercises to find out your definition of success

    Module - 7

    • Breathing Meditation
    • Wonder World Exercise
    • Breathing Meditation
    • Write A Letter To Yourself
    • Breathing Meditation
    • Discover You More Exercise ​​​​​​​

    WEEK 4

    Module - 8

    • Introduction to Wheel of Life Tool
    • Why do you need Wheel of Life Tool?
    • Breathing Meditation
    • Wheel Of Life Exercise to identify Your Non-performing life areas.

    Module - 9

    • Vision Statement
    • Breathing Meditation
    • Exercise to create your Vision Statement


    Get the following when you enrol Today...

    Printable Develop Your Vision Journal

    ($16 Value)


    A Printable Journal with step by step instructions and exercises to develop your vision.

    Printable Gratitude Journal - 30 Days Of Gratitude

    ($16 Value)



    A Printable Gratitude Journal with prompts designed to instil a sense of gratitude in you.

    Ready to develop your vision? Let's do it!

    Hi! I am Nisha A Sahadevan.


    I am the Founder of Learn2LiveFully, Certified NLP Practitioner and a Passionate Personal Growth Enthusiast.


    I have authored QuotesToLiveFully, Personal Growth Journal & 30 Days of Gratitude. I am also the creator of the online course "Journaling: A Powerful Personal Transformation Tool"


    I also have more than ten years of Software Engineering Experience with Top Multi National Companies like IBM, Infosys & Oracle. I quit my Software Engineering Career to build a more meaningful career around my passion for helping people transform themselves. 


    I'm committed to helping people like you develop your true vision.


    So, are you ready to develop your vision in 30 days?


    Here's what previous students saying:




    "Enlightening. Was a good experience to think about myself and dig deep into myself. I enjoyed the meditation just before exercises. Thank you!"

    - Abraham Mathan



    "Great course! I came to know many new things about me. I have my vision statement written on my note book. Thank you! "

    - Jyothi Sebastian



    "The teaching is so clear and easy to understand." 

    - Linda Michie Leiper



    "Valuable and quality content taught in a clear and concise manner. Luvvv it. Thank you for your gift. "

    - Pamela Abrams



    "Very informational. If you want a better life this course explains the nuts and bolt of journaling. It also compares the difference between journaling and keeping a diary (though I think a lot of people who keep a diary are actually journaling.)"

    - Ulric Kurashige


    "Nisha has done an amazing job with this course, it went far beyond my expectation. Even though her accent made it a bit difficult to understand, her content was so rich, practical and deep I almost forgot about her accent. This is a huge gift for those who want to use journaling to transform their lives. Even though this is a basic, it might just be enough to help get the major result. Profound gift for me. Thanks Nisha, remain blessed."

    - Victor C. Onochie



    "This course increases my understanding and it also inspires me to do journaling religiously. " 

    -Jabu Mapumulo


    "I didn't know this development strategy of journal, although it looks interesting and helpful. "

    - Metodio Cruz Espinoza


    "Instructor mixed with basic information gave very useful information. Was worth my time. "

    - Olivia Whiteman




    If you enroll today, you'll recieve:

    • 4-week Training video lessons, Exercises.
    • Downloadable Workbook
    • Access to Private Community
    • Guided Meditation
    • Lifetime Access & Future Updates  to the course 
    • Printable Develop Your Vision Journal
    • Printable Gratitude Journal - 30 Days Of Gratitude


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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    I am giving you a 30 days money back guarantee if you can’t develop your vision in 30 days, after following all the step-by-step instructions and my V.I.S.I.O.N Formula.

    So, you have no Risk attached.