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"A change in bad habits leads to a change in life".
- Jenny Craig

Break your bad habits using our "Stop Your Bad Habits Bundle". 



"Stop Your Bad Habits Bundle" is a collection of 2 E-Books and a Printable Habit Tracker.


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  • The E-Book "Stop Your Bad Habits - A Prime Step Towards Personal Growth provides you a step-by-step process to break your bad habits. 
  • The E-Book "Motivate Yourself in Your Voyage to New Habits" gives you a set of inspirational quotes that keep you motivated in your new habit building process. 
  • Printable Habit Tracker helps you track your habit change progress


In addition to the bundle, when you sign up now, you get access to our Self Help Library!

Our Self-Help Library has more than 50+ FREE Self-Improvement E-Books and many tools like Self-Esteem Booster Meditation Audio, Addiction Questionnaire, Printable Quotes Calendar etc to help you improve yourself. 

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