"The most exciting AND simple mind hacks that will help you go from being


The Wealth Trigger

Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.

Consisting of TEN EMPOWERING audio modules

"How To Become Rich Using Only A Few Simple 'Mind Hacks' Or Your Money Back..."

  • How Joe Activated The Wealth Trigger – Here Joe will show you exactly how he activated the Wealth Trigger in his life and how it's changed every single moment from that day.
  • The First Key To Trigger Activation – Discover the first step in preparing the trigger to be activated within so you can see how powerful it really is.
  • The Secret Hypnosis Weapon –Learn a powerful hypnosis weapon that can be used to reformat your entire subconscious mind so you can begin attracting wealth.
  • Three Elements of The Law Of Attraction – Learn the three steps you simply cannot skip when harnessing the Law of Attraction to your advantage.
  • The One Thing You Must Do – Chances are you're missing this step just like 99 % of the people out there trying to attract wealth and remaining broke.
  • Thought Transformation – Learn how you can transform any negative thoughts that hold you back into positive ones that fuel your success.
  • Job Attraction – You'll learn the exact steps to help you attract a new job that will put cash in your pocket right away.
  • Career Attraction – Here you'll learn how to attract the career that you've always wanted and how to move rapidly up the corporate ladder.
  • Opportunity Attraction – Opportunities are all around you. Now you'll learn how to quickly identify and capitalize off of them.
  • Shattering Your Limiting Beliefs – Now you can crush those thought barriers that once held you back so nothing gets in your way on the road to wealth.
  • Leveraging Your Strengths – Part of attaining wealth is learning to use what comes easily to you. Here you'll learn how to identify and capitalize on your natural strengths and abilities.
  • Visualization 101 – Without a vision, nothing is possible. Here you'll learn how to create the vision of abundance so it can be realized.
  • Turn Key Confidence – The confidence to move forward is often enough to take you to the next level. Here you'll learn how to turn it on almost magically.
  • Intention Directing – Discover the secret to directing your intentions in ways that will serve you rather than hold you back.
  • Real Goal Setting – Here you'll learn a simple but powerful way to set goals so they actually come to fruition instead of falling by the wayside.
  • The Truth About Self Hypnosis – Here Steve will share the facts on self-hypnosis and how it will change your life if done correctly.
  • Sensory Identification – Because we all relate to the world differently, Steve will show you how to quickly determine your best method of learning new information so you don't waste time.
  • Inductions – Here Steve will show you his exact method for entering the first stage of self-hypnosis.
  • Deepenings – Here you'll learn the secrets behind entering the second stage of the trance.
  • Custom Wealth Script – Here you'll discover the exact five-step blueprint that you can use to help create your own custom wealth script so you can attain what's important to you in life.
  • Power Wealth Scripts – Here Steve will share three scripts that will help infuse your finances with power including Unlimited Wealth, Find your Passion and Abundance.
  • Trance Termination – Here you will learn how to end your hypnotic trance the "right" way so your results remain intact.
  • How to Record Your Own Session – In this part of the module, Steve will show you a step by step process to record your own session which you can use forever to strengthen your mind.
  • Hypnosis Without A Recording – In this four-step process, Steve will show the secret to hypnotizing yourself without a recording. Now that's power!
  • And Much Much More!

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